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Liverpool will almost certainly not win the league. They may well not even finish in the top four. Even now, even after taking 10 points from games at Arsenal, Tottenham and Chelsea and at home to Leicester, they still sit only sixth in the table having lost at Burnley.

Hypervenom Phantom II black Maybe that's the point. That 2013/14 Liverpool side was a nonsense of a thing, scoring over 100 goals in 38 games yet also conceding a half-century at the other end.

X 16+ Purechaos white This year's Liverpool vintage doesn't quite have the attacking swagger of that side, and nor does it quite have the defensive frailties. But there is still a thrilling fragility to Liverpool's heavy metal football. It's football played at the extremes, with the results - good and bad - to show for it.

superfly mercurial v black This may not be their year to win the title, but, as in that dizzying campaign three years ago, in terms of pure never-take-your-eyes-off-it entertainment there will be nobody to match them. Only a City side that at present speed and course will win the league by about 20 points and Arsenal have scored more than Liverpool's 11 goals; only two teams outside the bottom three have conceded more than their eight.

A glib assessment of Liverpool's 2-1 win at Chelsea was that the first half showed how they could win the league, and that the second showed why they won't.

superfly v black But that's probably unfair. It's a bit of a stretch to say Liverpool were hanging on after Diego Costa pulled a goal back, with Simon Mignolet making only one real save in the closing stages. And that was straight at him from a free-kick.

ACE 16+ PureControl black With everyone else bar City looking flawed in one way or another, and factoring in a fixture list that has seen Liverpool travel to three of what looks like a big seven at this early stage, second place looks enormously attainable. The fact that a seventh-place finish looks equally plausible only adds to the fun, as does the prospect of Everton sustaining a genuine challenge having improved out of all recognition since deciding to appoint a proper manager.

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