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Keira Knightley is one of the most talented actresses on the planet. In an interview with InStyle, quoted by DailyMail, he saved one of the less enjoyable sides of his work: the constant change of look. Acting for several roles also involves having to adapt to the physical appearance of the character. Here Keira following the different colors of hair began to lose too. A real drama for her, she decided to resort to the use of wigs over the past five years. These English words actress:

"My hair is dyed almost every color imaginable, for several movies.It was so bad that my hair literally began to fall out of my head.So, in the last five years I have used wigs, which is The best thing that ever happened to my hair. "

Keira Knightley is married to James Righton. The actress Oroglio and Prejudice, 31, was born on March 26, 1985 in Teddington, United Kingdom. 1.70 m high, Keira was hired for Jamie Dornan and 2005-2010 with Rupert Friend. In May 2012, he was officially hired by James Righton, keyboardist of the rock band Klaxons. On 4 May 2013, the couple married to the estate of the family in Provence, France. The actress gave birth to her first daughter, Edie, on May 25th. 31 years old, 32 he was keen on the privacy of his parents. E 'was also the case on the occasion of their wedding, celebrated in France in secret in 2013. Both not much love of worldliness and unsurprisingly it is quite difficult to find them together on the red carpet : E in water with shampoo, gently leave strofinala in water for a while. Rinse by soaking wig in the bowl with clean water until it disappears from the shampoo. This last step can be repeated several times.

Now gently wipe the wig with a towel to collect more water and let dry in a not sunny and not too hot place. Do not use the hair dryer or other heat sources to dry more quickly. Allow to dry by itself Wigsen, even if it takes time.

Collect the hair uniformly, without there being any more prominent parts. Removes the fringe or helping claw with a comb and fixative and then stops the various shutters with possibly smooth clasps or hairpins. Collect the remainder that did not swell out staking with hair clips. If you have very long hair, arrotolali around her head one strand at a time, starting from the bottom, and then stop them with paper clips or hairpins. To avoid some tuft hanging from the neck comes out, it is recommended to spray some lacquer and pull up with the comb and stop hair with hair pins. Threaded the retina for the wig, it is very convenient and maintained stationary for the hair all the time. Adjust the circle using the cable ties according to your head. Caution: Too narrow a regulated wig can get you a headache until you remove it, so make sure you put it right. Keep the wig on the back of one hand and on the forehead with the other. Insert-forward, then forward, almost simultaneously. Adjust the position of the wig so that it is centered. If necessary, you can stop the wig on your ears with a hair clip, at the point where there are two slight protrusions.

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