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When Alec Baldwin dressed up as Donald Trump last year, he probably did not expect to play the role for the next four years. After the election was clear:...
geschrieben: 11 Monat(en) zuvor
A supposedly too fat rejected applicant for a leadership post can not expect compensation for discrimination. The 42-year-old failed on Thursday before th...
geschrieben: 11 Monat(en) zuvor
The video LOL of the day is that of Katy Perry heroine in the video "Katy Perry and the popcats". This advertising campaign for an American brand of chips...
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The hairs of the real hair wigs produced today come mostly from India. Although many believe that this is primarily due to the fact that Asian hair is che...
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The material for the currently manufactured Echthaar wigs is mainly imported from India. Many are convinced that the price plays an important role here, s...