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The material for the currently manufactured Echthaar wigs is mainly imported from India. Many are convinced that the price plays an important role here, s...
geschrieben: 2 Monat(en) zuvor
For those who got their first wig, or buy Echthaar wigs considering their first wigs, there must be many questions wandering in their minds. And below, we...
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Since a year I am sometimes more and sometimes less to an Echthaar wig pushed. However, in such matters, I am fairly confident. In the north one says Wat ...
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Wigs must be handled carefully, especially when washing, the hair experts of Europe's leading hair institute Svenson emphasize. This applies to wigs of eb...
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Hair growth is very sensitive to hormones. The hair begins to grow back into more and more dense checkerboard. It does not take immediately to remove the ...