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Vorname: Bella
Nachname: Cambridge
Geschlecht: weiblich
Beziehung: solo
Musikrichtung, Bands: Paramore
Lieblingsbücher: Twilight
Lieblingsfilme: Twilight
Lieblingszitat: ...and so the lion fell in love with the lamb...
Über mich: I'm a very wild, crazy, strong and left-handed girl which is trying to find their place in life. Sounds weird but this is excactly how it feels sometimes. Next year I will study at the Cornish College of Arts in Seattle.
I love watching movies, listening to music and reading!

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PLZ: 98331
Ort: Forks

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Dabei seit: 19.1.2009

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geschrieben: 9 Jahr(en) zuvor
1. You constantly re-read Twilight and New Moon just to picture him in your mind. 2. You compare people you see to him 3. Suddenly you want a man who can p...
geschrieben: 9 Jahr(en) zuvor
1. be inhumanly attractive 2. drive 200 km/h 3. save you from death 4. have an amazing body 5. be incredibly wealthy 6. be too much of a gentleman 7. have an...
geschrieben: 9 Jahr(en) zuvor
Hey everyone!!! This is for all the TWILIGHT FREAKS out there... exspecially Lisi and Tessi =) Have fun!! James : Oh, still stubborn, aren't we? Is ...

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01.01.2011 20:17
Hallo Bella,
ich wünsche Dir ein recht erflogreiches, glückliches und gesundes neues Jahr. Ich wünsche Dir, daß all deine Träume und Wünsche sich für 2011 erfüllen.
LG Werner 
24.06.2010 21:20
Hallo Bella,
wünsche Dir einen schönen Donnerstagabend aus Dresden.
LG Werner  
23.05.2010 15:30
Hallo Bella, wünsche Dir einen schönen Pfingstsonntag aus Dresden.
LG Werner 
14.03.2010 18:51
Hallo Bella, wünsche Dir einen schönen Sonntag aus dem grauverhängten Dresden.
LG Werner  
24.02.2010 10:21
Hallo Bella, wünsche Dir aus Dresden einen schönen Mittwoch.
LG Werner 
26.02.2009 23:04
How's it goin', Bells? Is London still that amazing? Or is ist just because Kyle's there? You know, I'm informed. Trevor told me (:
I'm so happy for you! Kyle's cue, funny, gentle... and whatever you want (:
My hand is almost ok. The doctor said. But I guess next week I'll end up asitting in the hospital. Yeah that's it like beeing me. Everyone asks me what it's like. They're like kinda importunate at FHS but well, that's the way they rll (:
Hope you're doin' good.

Love, Lisi 
11.02.2009 21:49
Hey Bells...

How's it going? I broke my hand casue... well, in fact I tripped over a stone =) haha no it's true. And I know I'm not Bella Swan. And I even don't have exactly the same hair color. Heard Terence is kinda into Tess. Funny guy =) And what about Kyle? Also heard you'd like him. School's kinda funny but I guess I'm already the freaky study girl. Sure, I've friends but you know they are definitley importunate. Don't like it.. hope you're doing good.

Love, Lisi 
09.02.2009 20:05
Hay Bells,

School´s ok! Say Terence my e-mail adrss! It is ok=)...I am sooo sad! I haven´t seen any Edward xD no just joking I am waiting for him=) nono I am so funny today! sorry xD soo...hows london...are you in london??
so answere soon!
Love tessi 
26.01.2009 20:03
I am fine, thanks.
Forks´s ok...I´d never seen such a small town! It´s like a tiny, little villiage...=)FHS is kinda cool...Leila is cool, she sits next to me in geography and we talked a lot about Mrs Handrove´s new haircut xD. Everybody is nice but Liz abd me, we are just "the new girls from the "big town"" I know 2 " s!! xDLisi sits next to a boy and I think she likes him=) (don´t tell her xD). so I have to write my name on my new books...I´ve done this the last time in the 3 class byebye!
xoxo tessi 
26.01.2009 19:08
My day??? It's almost 11 o'clock and I'm havin my break (finally) Life in Forks is starting to get mysterious! Why does Old Luke always go to the forest in the middle of the night? And is Ms. Celloway (you remember, the school secretary) the secret lover of the Direx? Man... well that boy next to me in the social studies lesson is kinda nice... can't remember his name. It's just only my second day at FHS.
Oh, Trevor is so cute =) tell him that lol... and don't be silly he's ways to good for me ;)
Well I'm not a genius but yes I'm in grade 10... what to do... I'm goodat school without studying!
Yeah and Mrs. Butt's cool....
Say HI to yous fam.

Love, Lisi 

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